About EUCARPIA membership

EUCARPIA offers individual membership (for scientists qualified in the field of plant breeding) and corporate membership (research institutes, breeding stations, associations, societies etc. involved in plant breeding). A corporate membership is a collective membership for at most 10 persons.

Annual membership fees
Eastern EU countries 
individual members € 40.-- 30.-- 20.--
individuals younger than 30 years or retired € 20.-- 15.-- 10.--
corporate members € 300.-- 225.-- 150.--

Special fees apply for members from the Eastern Europe EU countries and developing countries, including non-EU Eastern Europe countries

Click on "Subscription" to become a member of EUCARPIA. You can register online. If you have a problem registering online, please contact the Secretariat.

EUCARPIA membership has a lot of benefits:

  • Reduced registration fees at EUCARPIA events +

    Members enjoy reduced registration fees for EUCARPIA meetings and the General Congress. The discount on one registration pays you back more than your annual membership fee!
  • International Contacts +

    The association consists of members from all over Europe and over 30 other countries worldwide. Most European researchers in the field of plant breeding are members. As a member, you can browse our membership directory and get in contact with your colleagues worldwide. Easy search functions enable you to quickly find your contact in the field and/or country of interest. Participation in EUCARPIA events is an excellent opportunity to network and initiate collaborative projects
  • Specialized sections +

    EUCARPIA is organized in eleven sections, some of which have several working groups. Each section is engaged in a certain field of research, or in certain groups of crops. EUCARPIA encourages its members to take part in several sections. This allows members to benefit from specialized knowledge in different fields of plant breeding.  
  • Exchange of Knowledge +

    The interaction between people working in the same field of interest, or with the same crop, can contribute effectively to plant breeding. The exchange of specialized knowledge has proven to be of the greatest importance to all researchers and breeders involved.
  • Exchange of Plant Material +

    EUCARPIA working group and section meetings are excellent opportunities to promote the exchange of genetic material. To meet your peers in person helps to initiate new and develop existing connections. Particularly in the Genetic Resources section, breeders can meet specialists responsible for regional gene banks.  
  • General Congress event +

    Every four years a congress is held, together with the general assembly. These congresses are an open forum for all EUCARPIA members to discuss subjects of a wider interest. They have always been the main platform for presentation of the problems and challenges facing plant breeding both for today and in the future.  
  • Information about EUCARPIA and related events +

    The EUCARPIA Secretariat alerts the members quickly and directly about upcoming EUCARPIA events such as section or working group meetings. You are kept up to date about timing of the next meetings and receive links to the respective event homepages as soon as registration starts or gets close to it's deadline. Information is spread both by direct e-mails to members as well as by posting it on the website. Scientific societies in fields related to plant breeding also inform members about events in their field of interest. The secretariat chooses events to publish carefully. EUCARPIA members are privileged in having their announcements
  • Discounts on Springer books and Wiley journals +

    Individual members may get discounts on Springer books and on Wiley journals. If you want to make use of this offer, you have to login and then choose "Discounts" in the "Members" menue.  
  • Corporate members +

    Companies, university institutes, public research stations or non-profit organizations in the field of plant breeding can become a corporate member. Corporate membership allows including up to 10 individual persons, with all the privileges of individual members, in the list of EUCARPIA members. Moreover, corporate members can place their logo and link to their website on our webpage.
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